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Dog Portraits

the art of pet portraiture


I've grown up with dogs and other animals my entire life. They are our constant companions that bring such joy into our lives, that warm welcome when you come back home, even if you have only been gone for 10 mins! Over the years I have had many dogs and I currently have a Bernese Mountain Dog called Dylan. In Jan 2022 I was delighted to be awarded the International Pet Photographer of the Year by the Master Photographers Association!


Dogs can be a challenge to photograph but as you can see from our gallery above I like to think I can bring out the best in them. I really love the studio portrait style that makes dogs seem almost human but I also love photographing dogs out on location or indeed together with their humans!

Black and White Dalmation on White Background

My photography studio in Flaunden is completely dog friendly and is conveniently located within easy reach of Berkhamsted, Bovingdon, Chorleywood and Kings Langley with free parking right outside. Set in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside with amazing dog walks right on our doorstep and some lovely country pubs it is perfect for environmental dog photography outside and studio dog portraits inside!


I have treats galore and lots of other tricks to get the best photographs of your dog (or dogs) and of course you are welcome to be photographed together with them, in fact you could bring the whole family because after all dogs are family too!


It often seems to be the case that some people are happier with photos of their favourite pets on the wall than they are of themselves. Dog portraits are not only a reminder of our pets but I think they are wonderful pieces of art to hang on your wall.


To arrange a photo shoot for your dog or if you have any questions please fill in the form below or just pick up the phone and ask - I don't bite!




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Ian Boichat is the Creative Director at Origin Studios, The HAY BARN, GREAT MOONSHINE, BRAGMANS LANE, FLAUNDEN, HERTFORDSHIRE, HP3 0PL