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Children's Portraiture

They grow up so fast!

"I just want to remember them as they are now before they grow old" is a phrase I hear often and one I can relate to, especially with a teenage daughter of my own who is rapidly becoming an adult. Our memories of our children are so special that the photos we have only become more valuable over time. My goal is to create gorgeous portraits of your children that will stay with you forever, photographs that they will be proud to still see on your wall when they come back to visit in the future together with heirloom albums of memories that they will want to show to their children.

Boy and Girl sitting on a box holding a small dog
Teenage girl standing in a rustic doorway with sunglasses in back and white photograph

Over the years I have been fortunate to see many of my clients coming back multiple times and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly children change when in many cases the parents still look the same. (Well perhaps a few extra grey hairs)


Of course I don't always just photograph children on their own, very often these are just part of a longer family portrait session. If these words or photos have inspired you please get in touch so I can create some memories of your children for you.




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Ian Boichat is the Creative Director at Origin Studios, The HAY BARN, GREAT MOONSHINE, BRAGMANS LANE, FLAUNDEN, HERTFORDSHIRE, HP3 0PL