No two photo shoots are the same, I create a bespoke experience for you to ensure that the whole process will be a personal and rewarding jouney.



Everyone has their own character or personality and it's my job to capture that in photos together with the relationships you have with the other people coming along to the photo shoot and also those relationships that they have with each other. In order to do this I have a personal consultation with each of my portrait clients to discover what makes them unique, what to look for and what they hope to get from the session. I can also discuss styling, location, timing and any other questions you might have to ensure that I create images you will love.

Family Studio Portrait with grown up children
Boy and Girl sitting on a box holding a small dog



On the day of the shoot you will find that far from rushing straight into it, the first part of our time together is a chance to relax, grab a drink and go over the plans we have created. It also helps to ease everyone's nerves as there's always someone who would rather be somewhere else! It also gives me a chance to start to understand the dynamics of the group and get an insight into the various personalities and relationships. If there are children they often take time to warm up and it's important we give them the time to feel settled and comfortable so that the smiles and moments we capture are genuine and real.



About 1-2 weeks after your shoot I invite you back into the studio where I reveal the photos from your session that I have edited and beautifully retouched, hopefully to rapturous applause and very often to the odd tear. This is one of the best moments for me where I can see the results of our work. It's also where I get to show you our wall art collections, bespoke frames and our stunning albums for you to choose how you want to experience and keep these images.

Wall Art Example



The time has come to collect your finished artwork and albums, it's great to see something tangible in your hands and to know that you will treasure them forever. For those that need it I am also able to offer a complete installation service of your wall pieces.


I still get excited seeing the finished artwork and albums as they are so beautifully finished and your images seem to come alive when they are printed! The reactions I get from clients are usually even better than the initial reveal a few weeks earlier! When you get them home please don't forget to send us a photo of your portraits on your wall!

Wide shot of 5 acrylic family portraits on the wall above a sofa


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Ian Boichat is the Creative Director at Origin Studios, The HAY BARN, GREAT MOONSHINE, BRAGMANS LANE, FLAUNDEN, HERTFORDSHIRE, HP3 0PL