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There is always a trade off between how we imagine ourselves and how others see us. As a professional portrait photographer I am only too aware of this. An individual portrait is only one particular interpretation of the person being photographed and it is perfectly possible to portray them very differently. I can influence that interpretation through the framing, lighting and styling of an image much like the portrait painters of old. Subtle use of body language and posing together with the choice of outfit, styling and background can all have a big impact on the perception of the person viewing the photo.


Portrait photographs have the power to provide subtle clues about the person that the viewer will often interpret on a subconscious level and in some cases very quickly. This is particularly important if it's a professional headshot or profile photo where you might want certain characteristics displayed but might not be sure how to do so. It could be the difference between getting called for audition, getting an interview or perhaps getting a date!

Young boys head shot photo with freckles, ginger hair and black background
Elegant Portrait of Elderly Woman sitting in Chesterfield chair

One example of this is to see the difference between looking directly into the lens of the camera or looking away. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul and I love the connection you can create with the person viewing the photo by creating the right connection with you during our portrait session.


Portraits can also provide poignant reminders of our loved ones when for whatever reason we are not able to be there with them in person, they can effectively stop time and provide lifelong memories.


I often take individual portraits as part of a larger family portrait session or sometimes as a series of individual headshots for a company website. I take portraits in the studio and also on location, this itself can change peoples perception by providing additional context for the image but equally can distract from the main subject of the image.


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Ian Boichat is the Creative Director at Origin Studios, The HAY BARN, GREAT MOONSHINE, BRAGMANS LANE, FLAUNDEN, HERTFORDSHIRE, HP3 0PL